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 John Varner

 Richie Cochran

 Rodney Sutton

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We are a non-profit garden tractor pulling club located in Central Kentucky. We travel all over Central Kentucky putting on pulls at festivals, fairs, benefits and also hosting our own club pulls. Our pullers compete all year to try and be #1 in our points championship and to be crowned the Champion of their particular class. We strive to make our club a family friendly place for people of all ages and gender to come and participate, or come and be a spectator. We are fully insured and we want to make our pulls safe and fair for everyone. We welcome you to come and enjoy a day of pulling with us!

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To: 84483
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July 21st
Anderson County Park
Lawrenceburg, Ky
Weigh @ 4
Pull @ 5

July 23rd
Harrison Co. Fair
Cynthiana, Ky
Weigh @ 6
Pull @ 7
We would like to remember our Friends, Family, and Loved Ones. They will all be deeply missed.
Josh Monroe (2008)
Rita Mae Sutton (2010)
Benny Baxter (2010)
Pat Chapman (2015)
Bobby Sutton (2015)
John T. Murphy (2015)
Eddie Thacker (2016)
James Earl Morrison (2017)
Ralph Taylor (2017)
Lance Sutton (2017)
Next Pull : July 21st, Anderson County Park, Lawrenceburg, Ky, Weigh @ 4 Pull @ 5.
Thanks for everyone who came out last night! We had a great turnout! Thanks to everyone who helped out, your help was greatly appreciated! Hope to see everyone at our next pull.